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Established in 2004, Noa Innovations Inc.  is a unique software development corporation with sharp skills in the area of scientific computing and information management.  We will become your partner in designing your own "business specific", and unique solution.  Our expertise enables us to develop highly reliable solutions for a variety of demanding and complex environments.   We put our customers business objectives as our most important goal and ensure a realistic and an easily manageable system.

Scientific Computing

Statistical Analysis Valuable Information, is usually the needle in the hay stack of data that is part of your business operation.  It is, one of the most important parameter, and if it is used intelligently it can cointribute to your business growth, or boost its growth rate.
Noa Innovations skilled team will identify, highlight, and adaptively learn your most critical and important information.  We use our propraitery, advanced scientific computing algorithms and methods, apply them to your past and present business practices, and its related data in order to reveal to you patterns never seen before and gain valuable insight into your operation.

Our Team

The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association

Our team of skilled, experienced and committed developers provide our clients with a reliable and extremely simplified solutions of highly complex concepts and algorithms that are migrated into a business data network seamlessly and perform valuable processing and analysis.
This entails utilizing statistical methods, pattern recognition, and neural networks to help a business focus personnel efforts and most importantly allocate resources efficiently.

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Bivariate Distribution - Two correlated uncertain parameters

Featured Project:

Noa Innovations

SMART System

The scholarships foundations portal for management and anlysis of past, present, and future students.

Partnered with Educational Endeavors Noa Innovations is committed to improve scholarhip foundations operations and decision making.

Manage Yesterday! Analyze Today! Predict Tomorrow!

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Prediction Analysis

Prediction Analysis: To direct, optimize, and automate decisions to improve business processes.